Astrology can predict various life events on the basis of the placement of stars and planets at the time of birth.


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Have a Question

Consultant our Astrologer:

We also provide to our customers for consultation facility.

At some point in life, everyone is looking for some answers of the most important questions. If you are having any problem in any areas of life. You immediately consult our astrologer, they can forecast your horoscope / kundli for take right decisions also remove your obstacles in your life and tell you various remedies and suggestion of stones  mail to us with the information of your problems and submit it.

Many of the Questions arises in our mind and some are :-

How to get success in Career ?

Consultation to wear a Gemstones ?

Is there any Mangal Dosh in your Kundli ?

When will I get Married ?

When will I get a good Job or Govt. Job ?

How to remove the obstacles in Life ?

Can I study further ?

Will I go to abroad for Studies / Job ?

Will I have a Child ?

Will I go for sport ?

Can I go for Partnership Business ?

And many more questions comes in your Life, which is unanswered.

Our Astrologer will help you to take right decisions / steps to remove your obstacles in your Life, and you will get a advise for it.


You will get advise in your E-mail.

One Question

INR Rs. 150 or $3

Two Questions

INR Rs. 250 or $5

Three Questions

INR Rs. 400 or $8

E-mail delivery in 3 days or even earlier.

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