Astrology can predict various life events on the basis of the placement of stars and planets at the time of birth.


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Manglik Dosh


What is Mangal Dosh?


How we know about Mangal Dosh in our Kundli ?


In Match making, the most famous and vicious problem is Mangal Dosh. It means that there will be serious problems in the married life and it may even lead to break up, continuous fight and even death of a partner or both. This dosh is known as very big problem in married life.

When Marsh (Mangal) is located in any of the houses shown in the horoscope, the horoscope is said to have "Mangal Dosh".  Or we can say if Marsh is in first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house, person is having "Mangal Dosh".

This problem can be solved. So in match making, it is necessary to check this Mangal Dosh. If Mangal Dosh is present in horoscope then the consultation of any astrologer is necessary. Sometimes due to this dosh, a person denies for good relation or he/she ignores the dosh and make a relation. Both the situations are dangerous. So someone should know about below said points before making any relation:-


  • Is Mangal Dosh present in horoscope?

  • Is dosh Parihar ( cancellation ) by itself?

  • How much serious this dosh in horoscope?

  • In match making, in which horoscope Mangal Dosh is higher either a girl or boy?

  • Is dosh equal or not?

If any problem is there, then what kind of problem & their solutions with remedies

During marriage it is considered as a drawback?

1st house represents the personality of the person, hence person may be very short tempered. 

4th house represents the house, vehicles of the person, hence there is a possibility of problems associated with house & vehicle e.g. accident due to fire, chemicals, electricity etc...

7th house represents the Marital Life, spouse & business in partnership, hence there is a possibility of turbulent married life, spouse may be of very hot tempered nature, loss in partnership etc...

8th house represents death, sudden monetary gains etc... Hence there is a possibility of fatal accident to the person.  Of course these are very broad guidelines.  Many other angles need to be studied like the overall quality of the horoscope, power of the planets, aspects of the planets etc...

12th house represents Losses, debt, change of Home, moksh etc.


Another factor influencing the manglik dosha is the age of the person at the time of marriage. For a manglik person, the malefic effects of mars reduce after the age of 28. But it needs to be checked. We analyze your horoscope for the following factors: 
2 Is Mangal Dosha present in your horoscope ?
2 What is the degree of this Mangal Dosha ?
2 Is Mangal Dosha cancellation present in your horoscope ? 
In match making, these doshas can be taken for both the boy & the girl to give excellent results for the married 

life. If any problem is there in matching, the type of problem & their solution with Remedies.


So before marriage it is necessary to Match Making of Boy or Girl for his successful healthy married life.


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